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May 9, 2022

Tree Planting In India 2022

During 2022 I have been keeping in touch with Mr Subodh Kumar Verma who is a Environmental and Social Activist living in India. Mr Verma has kindly sent through some more photos of tree planting events and has also shared many wonderful insights which I will post below for all to read.

This is the call of Mother Earth, soil water and wind.
Subodh Kumar Verma

The place of trees is in the chest of the earth, not in the papers. – Subodh Kumar Verma

Today, human beings are worried about the ever-increasing environmental crises at the global level, but they are not ready to do anything seriously to deal with them. Everything has to be done by the government and it does not have to do anything, now it will not work. Everyone should understand that the place of trees is in the chest of the earth and not in the papers, so the work related to trees and environment protection should be done on the ground.

They should not be imprisoned in government files just by doing paper formalities. In many cities of the world, there is a tradition of celebrating the period from 16 to 22 April as Earth Week. But it is a matter of contemplation and contemplation that today man is so serious about the protection of the earth. There should be complete honesty towards the work related to environmental protection at all levels.

The main cause of imbalance and climate change is the audacity to grow cement and concrete forests in place of rapidly depleting natural forests. Increasing vehicle AC fridge is the main reason for the indulgent western lifestyle of man. Today, due to this indulgent tendency of man, green forests are being destroyed by trees and due to the continuous increase in the temperature of the earth, glaciers.

We are in front of all of us in the horrific form of the deluge by melting. Due to climate change, water crisis has become the biggest problem of the century. If we do not wake up now, then our future generations will hardly be able to escape from this wrath of nature. The art of living life with Indian civilization and culture by adopting the tradition of high thinking, simple living in the company of nature, away from western culture

The following is a sign of a happy and prosperous future for the future generations. Deforestation is a bad thing, they should not be cut. In their prosperity lies the well being of man. Forests are our green capital and this precious heritage of the nation should be protected together by all. Our civilization and culture rests on this. To protect the civilization and culture, taking a pledge to protect the trees, the devotion

Work will have to be done and forests will have to be enriched to protect mother earth. In the midst of the global pandemic Corona, Param Pujya Gurudev, the world-renowned environmentalist and the leader of the Chipko movement, Padmavibhushan Shri Sunder Lal Bahuguna ji, even in the last moments of his life, gave a clear message that no one has the ability to bear the brunt of nature. Revered Gurudev did global welfare for life

With feelings, for the welfare of the whole world and mankind, have done true service to the Himalayas and nature and have carried the campaign of tree consciousness on the world stage with meaningfulness. Revered Gurudev has always advocated for the forest and land while eradicating the social evils and has carried forward the campaign to save it by giving meaning. Revered Gurudev for protecting nature and Himalayas

The work done by Shri Sunder Lal Bahuguna ji is starting a new policy of development in the pages of history. Only by following whom can the path of welfare of the whole world and mankind be paved. The government will have to make a clear and effective policy to protect the Himalayas and nature and make efforts with determination. Nature and natural resources will have to be stopped by including within the purview of the law.

Tendency to exploit indiscriminately. Only then our future generations will get pure water to drink, pure air to breathe and pure food to eat and their life will be safe to some extent. Man will have to bear the brunt of the exploitation of nature and natural resources so far by his indulgent tendencies. Dense forests are for water conservation

There are natural dams. Dense forests are the best natural sources to quench the thirst of Mother Earth. The most valuable necessity of human life, the source of life air is also dense forest. Mother Earth can be protected only by green forests. The thirst of the earth can be quenched only through green forests with trees. The fertilizer capacity of the soil can be increased only through trees. sun for man

The effect of deadly rays can be reduced and serious diseases can be avoided as well as the natural environment can also be made healthy. That is why trees have an important role in human life. The earth can be protected only by enriching the forests. Himalaya is the crown of our country, it is respected and everyone has to work together to protect it. to the nations adjoining the Himalayas

The commitment to defense needs to be reiterated. Government of India should initiate this. The education of water, forest and land should also be included in the curriculum of the country with compulsion so that the tendency of protecting them from the very beginning can be strengthened in our children. The work of plantation is a real service to the whole world and mankind. no place for violence in this work

Not there. With this act of non-discriminatory plantation, along with mental and physical health, the spirit of mutual love and brotherhood in the society will be strengthened, as well as peaceful healthy society will also be created, the nation will also develop and Mother Earth will also be safe. The imagination of life is possible only on earth, the campaign to save it should be everyone’s priority. West

During the global peace and environmental public awareness tour in Bengal, the world-renowned environmentalist and the leader of the Chipko movement, Padmavibhushan Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna ji’s dearest associate, noted environmentalist Shri Subodh Kumar Verma, while expressing his views, said that it is a matter of great concern that human beings should live on earth. Despite her longing, he would do anything for her rescue.

Having the hypocrisy of being knowledgeable, he is not ready to understand so much that if the earth is not there, then where will he go. Mother Earth belongs to all and whoever is born on this earth has got a God-given opportunity to live on earth without any hesitation and discrimination. Everyone has got the opportunity to live whether one has land or not. save the earth in human form

Responsibility should be everyone’s priority. In the scriptures, the earth is called mother because after the origin of life, the earth itself bears the burden of man. From birth to death, only mother can bear the burden of man, no one else has this power. That is his generosity. Mother also has the ability to bear unbearable sufferings with great generosity silently. all on mother

There is an equal right, so it should be protected and protected by everyone without any discrimination. But it is a pity that man has exploited nature and natural resources fiercely for the fulfilment of his selfishness and has destroyed and dismembered the tree form of Mother Earth. In such a situation, man can never get lasting happiness and peace. this is what religion says

That a true son is the one who comes to the mother’s work in times of trouble and protects her. Today man has broken the limits of Mother Earth by destroying the green forests for his selfishness. By tying the simple and natural stream of the pure rivers flowing on the earth, he built big dams and created the legend of his own destruction. Today water, forest and land are in danger. We must save it for the good of all mankind.

For the sake of his petty selfishness, man has made the house a house by forgetting the emotional feelings. Destruction of green forests with trees in the name of development. Made the fertile soil dust. By tying the simple natural serene stream of rivers, by building big dams, he created a game of destruction with the saga of his bravery and himself put his existence in danger.

Put it down What kind of development is this? Nature has also done the work of warning man from time to time through disasters, but man has been exploiting natural resources more than his needs for fulfilling his petty selfishness throughout his life, which is the biggest problem of his life today. has been made. It is in the good of man to stop it. man should give up his petty selfishness

Water, forest and land will have to be conserved by planting more and more trees with determination, only then its existence can remain on the earth otherwise not. Every human being born on earth has to make tree plantation a part of his life style by taking it down in his nature. Taking forward the campaign of tree consciousness on the soil of West Bengal, Shri Subodh Kumar on the occasion of Earth Day

While paying respectful salutations to his revered Gurudev, Verma called upon the people of the country including all social organizations and environmental lovers to unite and fight for water, forest and land with an ideological revolution to protect nature and mother earth. Make sacrifices in the Mahayagya to protect Mother Nature and Mother Earth.
This is the call of mother earth, soil water and wind

Soil, water and wind, the basis of survival.
These are the blessings of the forest, the soil, the water and the wind.
Subodh Kumar Verma Social Activist
(Committed towards peace and environmental protection)
Fellow world renowned environmentalist and the leader of the Chipko movement, Padma Vibhushan Shri Sunder Lal Bahuguna ji.

Man has broken the limits of Mother Earth by destroying the green forests for his selfishness.
Subodh Kumar Verma

Many thanks to Mr Verma for your wonderful tree planting efforts and for sending through the pictures of the amazing work you are doing in your country. We really appreciate it.

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