Here is a full list of the collection of books written by Richard St Barbe Baker.


The Brotherhood of the Trees, 1928
Men of the Trees, 1931
Among the Trees, 1935
Men of the Trees 1938 Summer School
and Conference, Oxford, 1938
Trees, A Book of the Seasons – 1940
Among the Trees vol 2, 1941
The Redwoods – 1943
I Planted Trees, 1944
Green Glory, 1948
Famous Trees, 1952
Africa Drums, 1942
Sahara Challenge, 1954
Kabongo, 1955
Dance of the Trees, 1956
Land of Tane, 1956
Dance of the Trees, 1956
Kamiti, 1958
Horse Sense: Horses in War and Peace, 1962
Famous Trees of New Zealand, 1965
Sahara Conquest, 1966
Caravan Story and Country Note Book, 1969
My Life, My Trees, 1970
My Life, My Trees, (Findhorn Edition), 1979
Famous Trees of Bible Lands, 1974
Missing Manuscripts;
Tall Timber
The Tree of Life
The World, My Garden
Trees for Healing of the Nations
Composed by others;
Man of the Trees, Selected Writings of Richard St. Barbe Baker, 1989, SC, edited by Karen Gridley
Earth Heroes – Champions of the Wilderness, 2009, SC, pp.70-85, by Bruce and Carol Malnor
Tall Timber, Richard St Barbe Baker, 2010, (the people who influenced the course of his long life) also available as MP3 disk – Barrie Oldfield Western Australia
The Man Of The Trees and other Dedicated Environmental Guardians, 2014, Catriona Baker