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December 11, 2021
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May 9, 2022

MOTT QLD 40th Event

On Saturday 14th November 2020 MOTT QLD Turned 40.

With an event held at Paten Park The Gap in Brisbane members of Mott Qld attended to celebrate 40 years of bushland restoration and a special tree planting (Tallowood) dedicated to long serving President Ngairetta Brennan.

Below are photos taken of the 40th event by Scott Maxwell whom we asked to be our official photographer.  The fifth photo from the top shows Rex reading out the apologies and messages.  Also a picture of one of our wonderful young members Alex Croll about to read one of St Barbe’s favourite quotations after the planting of the tree (a Tallowwood):

                                                        “Stand firm
                                                         Grip hard
                                                         Thrust upwards to the skies
                                                         Bend to the winds of Heaven
                                                         And learn tranquility.”

Below is a message from the Granddaughter of Richard St Barbe Baker who unfortunately was not able to attend the event;

I would like to give my sincere apologies for being unable to be present at today’s very special planting ceremony and celebration of 40 years since Mott Qld commenced.

The passion and dedication by so many of the past and present members and volunteers has been paramount in continuing the legacy of my Grandfather Richard St Barbe Baker. The community of Brisbane have definitely benefited greatly from the continuing bushland regeneration and tree plantings performed by MOTT Qld and it is very inspiring to see.

During my visit to Brisbane in 2013, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet the first and long serving President Ngairetta Brennan. Ngairetta stated during my meeting with her that during the beginning of the organisation forming they received a lot of negative comments about the name of the organisation Men Of The Trees however as it had started back in 1922 it meant “People” (Men, Women and Children) And It was quite interesting that the group of the Mott Qld founding members here in Brisbane was made up of mostly Women she said and laughed.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet founding Members Rosemary and Michael Nicholas at their home who told me about the first time they met Richard St Barbe Baker. I also enjoyed another very special morning tea event at Marion Goward’s home which was followed by a visit to the St Barbe Nursery. Then finally I enjoyed being part of the very special planting day along Kedron Brook in Ferny Grove that was sponsored by Qld Rail.

During these events and meetings I was able to understand why Mott Qld has survived as an organisation for so long, it is due to these amazing people who have such a love for the environment and to make a difference in their community.

I certainly wish Mott Qld a very Happy 40th Birthday and hope for another 40 years of incredible tree planting and bushland regeneration management by this very special organisation.

I’d like to finish with a quote from Richard St Barbe Baker in 1979

“We forget that we owe our existence to the presence of trees. As far as forest cover goes we have never been in such a vulnerable position as we are today. The answer is to plant more trees – to plant trees for our lives.” Richards St Barbe Baker 1979.

Thank you.